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Diving Products

Duraflex continues to be the leader in the diving world. As we continue to grow, new prototype developments and redesigns are underway. Features that enhance ease of use and appearance are redefining the performance of our products. We have reviewed and revised procedures and materials in order to continue to provide our customers with the world’s best diving equipment.

Diving Boards

Diving Stands

One- and Three m Stands

The all NEW Duraflex Short Stand provides a firm foundation for mounting Duraflex springboards, consisting of a short stand anchor and a fulcrum assembly. The major components are heavy duty aluminium and hard anodized castings.
The Short Stand features a new alignment beam that runs between the fulcrum and rear end, ensuring correct spacing and alignment. This gives a much more consistent feel of the board, giving divers even more confidence as they take off.
In conjunction with the alignment beam, the shape of the mounting locations has been designed to allow for more flexibility when mounting holes in the deck are misaligned.

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