Duraflex Board Cover

Article Number: 1112015

It’s not only divers who test the durability of our boards, exposure to weather, UV damage and general elements can all shorten the life of a diving board.
Duraflex has developed a unique diving board cover that gives improved protection to the Duraflex board and will help maintain board performance and longevity.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Duraflex Board Cover is made from a water and UV-resistant material that helps keep the board clean and reduces maintenance.

The cover has an elastic front end and tear-resistant material to ensure a tight fit for the tip end of the board. Secured with robust clip straps at the back of the board, once in place, the board will be protected from the elements. The Duraflex Board Cover also prevents people from using the diving board without authorization or appropriate supervision.

• Water & UV Resistant
• Tear-resistant material
• Fits all 16 ft Duraflex boards

• Reduces weather and UV damage
• Improves board lifespan
• Keeps the board clean
• Reduced board maintenance


Product Information

Pre-order now for delivery this fall 2023
Water resistant, UV resistant and tear-resistant
Dimensions: Fits all 16 ft Duraflex Diving Boards
Color: Black
Please Note: We currently only offer the cover in black and without the custom logo option.
For custom color/custom logo design, please get in touch with us for more information.
Sold per unit