Roller Block (517)

Article Number: 1150015

Includes the following:

(1) Roller Block

(1) Slide Bearing

(1) Rubber Bumper

(1) Anti-Rattle Clamp

(1) Roller Clamp

(1) Roller Bearing

(2) Tie Plate Bolts, Washers & Nuts

(2) Roller Clamp Studs & Lock Nuts

(1) Anti-Rattle Bolt & Lock Nut

(1) Zerk Fitting


Additional Information
The Zerk Fitting of the Roller Block Assembly should be lubricated every two-weeks with Grease, applied with a Grease Gun – PM110. Roller Block is not sold separately.

(2) required per Fulcrum Assembly.

This item is included in the Fulcrum Parts Kit with Short Roller and the Fulcrum Parts Kit with Long Roller.