Pool Equipment

Advance planning is key for any construction. Malmsten manufactures equipment for swimming pools as well as for water sports worldwide. We are happy to provide our competence for new construction projects, renovations and deliver customized solutions. Our sales and manufacturing team has many years of experience and our technical group is used to manufacture in accordance with World Aquatics (former FINA) and LEN rules.

Pool Construction

With over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for public and sport pools we know what you need. After many years in the industry we know where the market is heading. That is why we have put so much time in developing a new generation of movable floors. We know that the market is ready. Together with our clients and engineers we have developed multifunctional product that can quickly adapt to different types of activities.

In the Pool

We are at the forefront when it comes to capitalize on technology and development, whether it is our in-house products or purchase from leading manufacturers. Malmsten' s equipment can be found in swimming pools and water parks worldwide. We provide you with service & support. We want to make it easier for you to keep plan competitions, pool actvities and its equipment alive. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you!


We also take in the swimmer's perspective as we develop our world leading racing lanes. We are proud to be Official Supplier for World Aquatics (former FINA - the International Swimming Federation*) since 2009 and LEN; supplying Racing Lane Lines, Water Polo Equipment (goals, field, referees 'catwalk, ball holders, ball release) and Finishing Lines for the marathon open water swim.

We are Swimmers!

Tommy Malmsten, the founder of Malmsten and a successful swim coach in the 70-80´s, always aims to bring the best to the market. Most swimmers are familiar with Swedish Goggles but only a few actually know that it originated from Malmsten. Swimmers racing for the gold want a low cut lens well fitted. Swedish Goggles, with its low cut lenses, come non-assembled which may offer that perfect fit.

Equipment for training or competition

We are at the forefront when it comes to taking care of technology and development, whether it concerns "own" products or purchases from leading manufacturers. We manufacture pool equipment for day-to-day activities as well as for international championships. Our product range is vast and with high quality manufacturing, we are able to customize solutions to meet special requirements. Equipment from Malmstens can be found today in swimming pools and water parks all over the world. We have equipment for swimming, water polo as well as water sports.

Racing Lane Lines

At Malmsten we strive to be at the forefront when it comes to utilizing technology and development. Malmsten Gold PRO® is the best wave breaker and turbulence control on the market for superior wave reduction. With wave energy damping over 90 percent it is perfect for all level competitions as well as training. Gold PRO® with the latest PRO-discs and PRO-floats is the best wave reduction.

Starting Blocks

The internationally renowned Malmsten starting block is used all over the world and is truly appreciated by not only swimmers, but also trainers and officials. Starting Block Malmsten Pro offers an excellent anti-slip surface and is accessible from the sides. Different size and color options are available upon request. The starting block fulfills European requirements (as long as installation instructions are followed) where also guidelines in place as per World Aquatics have been taken into account.

Water Polo

Malmsten – the water polo specialist - offers a complete range of competition and training equipment for water polo. Official World Aquatics (former FINA) equipment. Field of Play custom-fitted to any pool dimension made with our Classic lane lines sold together with our free-floating water polo goals.