Duraflex has been at the forefront of competition and leisure diving board manufacturing for over 50 years and continues to be the leader in the diving world.

Malmsten with a passion for diving has been selling, installing and servicing Duraflex products since the 1980s. We are committing to service all of Europe, Africa, Middle East and parts of Asia. Our experienced team and large inventory levels will benefit diving pools across these regions. We have extensive knowledge and a certified installation team ready to discuss your diving pool needs.

Duraflex Products

Duraflex products are considered the standard in the diving world and are used in all international, national, regional and club diving competitions throughout the world.

The all NEW Duraflex Short Stands

Improved feel, performance and virtually maintenance free

The Duraflex short stand provides a firm foundation for mounting Duraflex springboards, consisting of a short stand anchor and a fulcrum assembly. The major components are heavy duty aluminium and hard anodized castings.
Through new mechanisms in the fulcrum, there is no longer any slip-stick or ‘breaking the footwheel free’ when adjusting the fulcrum. This allows divers of all ages to adjust the fulcrum to their desired position.

Duraflex Diving Boards

Find out more about our springboard models, including our FINA approved Maxi-B used at competition level worldwide.

  • 16' Maxi B Cheeseboard

  • 16' Duraflex

  • 14' Duraflex

Duraflex Short Stands

Find out more about our FINA approved stands used at competition level worldwide.

  • Legacy Short Stand without Handrails

  • Legacy Short Stand with Handrails

Duraflex One- and Three m Stands

Find out more about our FINA approved stands used at competition level worldwide.

  • Duraflex One-Meter Stand

  • Duraflex Three-Meter Stand

Pool Equipment från Malmsten

Pool Construction

With over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for public and sport pools we know what you need.

In the Pool

Check out our wide product range in swimming, water polo and other water activities.


When fractions of a second crowns the winner you do not want to take any chances. We are proud official supplier for FINA and LEN.